Brief on CPT

China Private Travel (CPT) is the Chinese online travel agency approved by the National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China. We, based in Guilin, specialize in customizing the private tours for the worldwide travelers.

We can cater to all your China travel needs: the essential travel routes, customization of the private tours, Yangtze River cruise, hotel reservation and etc. Rather than stop here, we still further our reach and explore more fresh and fantastic places to enrich our customers' experiences.

We are dedicated to delivering you perfect and unique private tours and the best ways to see China. A team of professional staffs and excellent tour guides will guarantee you the professional travel services and experience the real China at every turn. Our close relationship with the relevant organizations like the hotels, interesting spots and transporting institutions will maximize the comfort and convenience at an affordable and reasonable price.

Apart from developing relationship with some authority travel organizations, we have joined in some influential charities like the Heifer International China (a participatory, community-based rural development organization) and "One Foundation" (a charity project founded by the Kong Fu star Jet Li). On the basis of these, we have nurtured our meaningful project--"One Tree Program". We want to try our best to preserve the destination and the local that our travelers go to such great lengths to know about. And we look forward to your participation and opinion.

Our Location

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Our Mission

1) Internet makes the distance between us just a click away and we bridge the gap between you and China that we know and you want to know about. Providing you a convenient internet access and outstanding services to contribute to your memorable travel is everything we're doing.

2) Together we shoulder the social responsibility. We believe that our social value is nobler than mere monetary profit. We have woven the small but far-reaching acts into the journey such as One Tree Program, charity activities and so on. Little by little, day by day, together we can make a positive change to the places we visit and the people we meet.

3) We're not the best, but we have never ceased upgrading ourselves. And customers' support is also the important engine on our developing path. We have been keeping abreast of the changing travel trends and improving our service quality. Our ceaseless effort and guests' support has blossomed into our great stride in the past 20 years.

Our Values

Quality focus: We deeply believe in the power of the word of mouth; we constantly dig out the quality service items and present them to the travelers in their best way.

Obsession with details: Each and every guest is different; we are happily obsessed with attending or anticipating every specific travel need of the individual guest.

Quick response: Each second of the guest counts; we offer around-the-clock service to handle either emergency or travel enquiry of guests.

Our Logo

China tradition architecture

In the logo, we have selected one of the China architecture representatives--Forbidden City as it is a must-see in the China trip and an outstanding symbol of orient civilization.


The two persons walking hand in hand in the logo symbolize the traveler and CPT. Wherever coming from, you are our friends and we can share the journey to know about the authentic China and Chinese.

China Private Travel

China represents our journey destination--China. Its red-color design promotes us to constantly try to offer more attentive service. Private Travel stands for the root of our service--privately customized and flexible tours. The blue color of it urges us to maintain the honest attitude and apply genuine service policy.


Leaves always embody the health, vigor and life as well as the blessing for the further happiness which also fully express our best wish for you. Meanwhile, it also bears a hint--green travel where we can combine the life joy and world care with a conscious mind.