Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill (Wave-subduing hill) is about 2 km to the north from Elephant Trunk Hill on the bank of the Li River. Another Karst feature, half of it stands in the river blocking part of the waters flow, which gives the hill its name. A legend says Ma Yuan (14BC-49AD) from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD), also called General Fubo was passing and threw the pearls he was carrying into the river; hence the hill was named in his honor.

The hill rises 213 meters, is 120m long and 60m wide.

When exploring the hill, there a number of different attractions for visitors to see. At the foot of the hill is the "Pearl Retuning Cave" which opens up over the water. This cave has many ancient carvings and inscriptions from famous Chinese through the ages. It also includes the "Thousand Buddha Cave" which contains hundreds of excellent carvings of Buddha over three levels and a famous self portrait by the renowned artist Mi Fu (1051-1107), whose works are very rare.

Also in the cave is the "Sword Testing Rock" which hangs down from the roof, stopping only 3cm from the floor. The rock gets its name from the legend that General Fubo tested his sword upon it.

There is a lovely Cloister and a tearoom built on the eastern side and a pathway leading up the hill. About halfway up the path you can rest and get a nice view over Guilin and the river from the Tingtao Pavilion. From the western side you can climb to the top of the hill passing by the Kuishui Pavilion on your way.