Li River

People say that the Li River is the soul of Guilin.

The river rises from Mao'er Mountain, "the No.1 Peak in Guangxi", where the eco-environment is very well preserved. People give various names to different parts of the river, and the stretch between Guilin and Yangshuo is known as the "Li River" with a length of 83 km (52 miles).

The Li River is like a twisting jade belt winding through thousands of peaks standing at each bank. It is said to be the largest and prettiest Karst landscape scenic area in the world, featuring all kinds of picturesque and eerie peaks and hills. Each peak by the River has been given an imaginative name in accordance either with the legends or local stories or simply with the peak's unique shapes. Interesting indeed.

People divide the River into three sections: the first section is from Guilin downtown to Huangniu Xia Valley, the second one from Huangniu Xia Valley to Shuiluo Village, and the third one from Shuiluo Village to Yangshuo town. Tourists usually choose the Li River Cruise from the second section to the third guided by the travel agencies in Guilin, so as to get a better view of the Li River landscape. The cruise is about 62 km long, lasting about four and a half hours.

Starting the Li River Cruise from Zhujiang Wharf, you will see the highlights of Guilin's landscape. Numerous peaks keep your eyes busy all the time, among which the best are the Guang Yan (Crown Cave), Wangfu Rock (Waiting Husband Rock) and Jiumahua Shan (Nine Horse Mural Hill). Flowing further with the current, you will see Xingping Town, a perfect assembly of landscape and local culture.

Passing through the second part of the Cruise from Shuiluo Village to Yangshuo is a tranquil and beautiful process. Going with an endless procession of verdant peaks and bamboo groves, a harmonious picture of man and nature is gradually unfolded before your eyes. Especially in the Fishing Village, fishermen using their well-trained cormorants for fishing, buffalos strolling on the fields, green hills and limpid water…all kinds of idyllic scenery will impress you for sure.