Aberdeen Harbor

Situated between Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau, Aberdeen Harbor is an area in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. Aberdeen is the largest satellite town in Hong Kong with a population of about 6000. The name "Aberdeen" was named after the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen in 1845.

Aberdeen is originally a simple fishing village. In recent years, Aberdeen has modernized with high-rise apartment buildings packed closely against the shore, and now becomes a vibrant waterfront resort which characterized with its floating village and the floating seafood restaurants such as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Despite modernization, Aberdeen today is still crowded with junks, sampans, and old-fashioned boats where fishermen dwell as their homes. The contrast between the prevailing traditional fishing life and the modern cityscape becomes a rather arresting spectacle. Taking a sampan ride and having a glimpse the life of the boat-people can be an interesting experience. For the sake of safety, you should take rides only with licensed operators.

Tasty seafood here may be another attraction in Aberdeen. Jumbo Floating Restaurant and the Tai Bak Floating Restaurant are two of the best seafood boats in Aberdeen Harbor which were originally decorated in the style of an ancient Chinese imperial palace. Guests can take a free ferryboat shuttle to reach them for a feast of delicious seafood.

In Aberdeen, you may also go to visit Aberdeen Country Park or Aberdeen Promenade. The 4.23 square kilometers Aberdeen Country Park along Peak Road and Guildford Road is one of the oldest country parks in Hong Kong. Neighboring on Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, the Aberdeen Promenade provides you a good choice for a family trip with its open-air plaza, children's playground, basketball ground and many other facilities.