Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street runs north-south through the Jordan district of Kowloon. It gets its name from the Qing Dynasty Tin Hau Temple on the street. Night Market is the liveliest aspect of this street. This 600-meter open-air market starts business at about 4pm and gets going during 7pm-9pm when it is crammed with stalls and people.

The street is also nicknamed Male Street for its focus on man's fashions. Heap of bargains can be found at the hundreds of makeshift sheet stalls from the pens, lighters, T-shirts, local crafts, second-hand goods, fake brand goods, to even open karaoke tents. Foods are also one main draw of this market. Delicious Hong Kong delicacies like the seafood, potted rice with different ingredients, a variety of noodles, etc. can be found in the clustering Dai Pai Dong (open-air street stalls) or restaurants.

Since the Temple Street area has long been the Red Light Region, evidences are obviously abundant in the rich sexy DVDs/ magazines and the young call girls standing behind the stalls on the sidewalk trying to approach and get trade.

The distinct mixed culture and custom of this market has been magnetic for the visitors and yet the pouring-in tourists at the same time transform this former local-frequent shopping place. Higher goods prices, bad-turning quality and a surfeit of for-show opera performers and fortune tellers water down the original local charms. If you are the first timer and get some free time, the street market still deserves a visit to experience the remaining local touch.


1. Sine the market consists of open-air and the stalls are mainly sheltered with the plastic sheet, thus the heavy rainy day is not a good visiting time.

2. The pocket-lifters or the cheaters also lurk and mingle among the crowd, so please take care of your belongings at any time and avoid going the isolated places alone.