Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha, also called the Giant Buddha, is the world's largest, seated, outdoor bronze Buddha statue. It is located on Hong Kong's Lantau Island. Ever since it was completed in 1993, a large number of tourists have been pouring in, especially on weekends, and the Giant Buddha has finally become one of the prime tourist destinations in Hong Kong.

As an extension of Po Lin Monastery, the Statue was built with bronze, and gold on His face. It weighs about 250 tons and is 34 meters (about 111.55 inches) in height, symbolizing Buddha Sakamuni, who mused and attained enlightenment under Bohdi tree and achieved Nirvana around 2500 years ago. While His majestic looks and huge size breathtaking, and His always kind smile revealing a sense of peacefulness in the hustle and bustle of modern world.

Apart from these features, more is to be expected inside the pedestal of the Statue. A number of invaluable items are displayed in a three-storey exhibition hall. They are Buddha's relic in memorial hall on the third floor, a part of Buddha's remains symbolizing enlightenment and awakening and practice of good virtues, four paintings on the first floor, with detailed textual description right below depicting Buddha's four major events of birth, enlightenment under Bohdi tree, first lecture of the Dharma and how Buddha achieved Nirvana, the Bell, chiming 108 times every day, Hua Yan Dharma Preaching in the Dharmadhatu Hall on the second floor, engraving of an assembly of 160 Bodhisattvas with different facial expressions listening to sermons, Statue of Ksitigarbha in Merit Hall on the first floor, and Six Devas outside, all in different dancing postures to pay their tributes to the Buddha .

More is to be seen. Visitors can either walk up a flight of 268 steps leading to the Statue on top of Po Lin Monastery, or take the 25-minite Ngong Ping Cable Car to enjoy the view of Statue from another perspective. Though access to the Buddha is free, a meal ticket for the vegetarian restaurant within the hall is needed. Anyway, it is part of the trip.