Green Lake

Green Lake Park (Cuihu) is a city park of fifteen hectares, located on the west side of Wuhua Mountain in Kunming. Renowned for its scenic beauty in spring, it has earned the nickname "Jade in Kunming" The lake has a history dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1277 – 1367) when it was a marsh outside the city called Vegetable Lake due to the vegetable gardens around it. During the 17th century the lake was brought into the city and developed into a park area. Algae blooms, which the lake is prone to, are what gave Green Lake its name.

Divided into four parts by two dikes the lake is made beautiful by its design which includes many bridges, pavilions, willow trees lining the banks fish and lotus flowers in the water. There are paths for both walking and cycling around the lake, which are popular for both locals and tourists especially in good weather.

Winter is regarded as the best time to visit Green Lake and one of the events the park has become most famous for is the annual winter migration of Siberian Red beaked seagulls, when the locals come to the park to feed and watch the thousands of birds. The lake and park are full of wildlife, especially many different species of birds.

The park has been designed to try and have something for everyone. You will find many sports being played and you can sometimes enjoy performances in the small theatre that was once a bathhouse. Strolling around, playing games, having a picnic, it is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle city if only for a short time.