Lisboa Casino

One of the oldest and most famous casinos in Macau is Casino Lisboa. Built in 1970 by the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau (STDM) group, it originally had just a round twelve story hotel. As demand grew it was extended in 1991 to a 1000 room hotel.

No matter how many amazing luxurious casinos pour into Macau, none will ever have Casino Lisboa's prestige and history as the original. Many modern gamblers choose the biggest and flash venues, but Casino Lisboa will always draw the seasoned and experienced as well as many newcomers of course. Its prime location in the main business district makes it easy to get to from everywhere.

Refurbished in 2007, it still has tried to keep to its roots and is not as ostentatious as the others. It retains a mix of both Portuguese and Chinese features in its decoration. Even though it may not seem as glamorous as other casinos, it still has top class and luxurious facilities.

As well as its many gambling options, the casino has other draws. One of its six restaurants, Robuchon รก Galera with Chef Joel Robuchon received 3 Michelin stars in 2008, one of the world's top awards. It has a retail area, a spa, fitness center and swimming pool, and its cabaret is a popular show for visitors.

Next to Casino Lisboa stands the Grand Lisboa, one of the most strikingly designed casinos in Macau, which was built by the same owners to compete with all the other large scale venues opening up. A visit to Casino Lisboa is a must for any gambler who wants the authentic Macau casino experience.