Nanjing Road

As one of the world's most famous and busiest shopping streets, Nanjing Road was originally Park Lane built in 1851, which stretched from the Bund to He'nan Road. The generalized Nanjing Road includes Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West, which forms the longest shopping district in the world, attracting more than one million visitors everyday.

East Nanjing Road is a special commercial area starting from the central section of the Bund and ending at the People's Park. It created many "firsts" for the Asian department stores industry: the first to use escalators; the first one to build a hanging garden in the department store; the first one to combine Varietés, magic shows, casinos, cafes, teahouses and serviced departments all together into one zone… Further west is the pedestrian mall housing most of Shanghai's oldest and largest department stores, retail outlets and a variety of traditional eateries with a long history. Now it is designed to mainly cater to visitors from around the country as well as the local middle-aged and elderly.

West Nanjing Road begins at a group of Shanghai's most remarkable hotels with long history, including the Park Hotel. It is the home of top-level retail brands and Shanghai-style classic landmark buildings such as the Paramount Hall, Shanghai Museum, Grand Theater, Jing'an Temple, etc. This area is now host to several five star hotels, upscale shopping centers, restaurants and prime office buildings. Some people even say that only in West Nanjing Road one can really experience the essence of Shanghai as an international metropolis.