Shanghai Acrobatic Show

Acrobatics is a distinctive art form. It enjoys a history of over 2,000 years in China. A high level acrobatic show is usually difficult and risky and breathtaking, which requires excellent technique coaches and diligent performers with years and years of preparation. When you watch an acrobatic show, you will be strongly amazed by the superior skills and maneuvers.

Shanghai Acrobatic Show absorbs the essence of Chinese acrobatics, preserves the wonder of this amazing art, and adapts new features and difficulty into its performances. Owing to the support of the municipal government, Shanghai Acrobatic Show has made great improvement and obtained fame and reputation domestic and from abroad. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, a renowned Chinese professional acrobatics group which was founded in 1951, perfectly presents the art of acrobatics. It has about 200 staff, including more than 120 performers engaged in different kinds of acrobatics, circus, and magic shows.

The Shanghai Center Theater is one of the best places to enjoy a perfect acrobatic show. In here, you can watch the wonderful dazzling acrobatic shows performed by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. Their most popular program is Portman Acrobatic Show which is composed of three main parts: "Autumn Day", "Moon Reflection" and "Rosy Clouds", vividly presenting the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Shanghai.

There are also some other acts that are highly appreciated both nationally and internationally. Among all, "Grand Springboard" is the Troupe's repertoire taking decades of accumulation, and the winners of China National Acrobatics Competition for three consecutive years. Others like "Play Dooly", "Silk Stripes" and "Pyramid of Chairs" are all really worth seeing.