Shanghai Maglev Train

The Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT) is a train servicing Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road station in Pudong. It is most famous for being the fastest passenger train in the world with a top commercial speed of 268 Mph or 431 Kmph. Opening for business on January 1st 2004 the system was built to bring the public from Pudong International Airport to Shanghai's center quickly and conveniently. Both SMT stations provide transfers to Shanghai's metro system. The train journey takes about eight minutes and from Longyang Road station, it is only a 20 minute metro ride to the city center.

The SMT was built with the help of German Transrapid technology. There have been a number of proposals for extending the line including towards Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

An extension to Hangzhou was approved in 2010.