Temple of the Town Gods

The Temple of the Town Gods is one of the well-known landmarks in Shanghai, a Taoism temple built in 15th century and thoroughly restored in the 1990s. Today the temple complex covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, containing nine glorious temple halls and various beautiful traditional views.

The Town Gods refer to three legendary figures: Huo Guang (a Han Dynasty Chancellor), Qin Yubo (a righteous and loyal scholar) and Chen Huacheng (a Qing Dynasty general). It is believed that they are the protectors of the city of Shanghai. Apart from the statues of the three Town Gods, the temple represents many other deities as well. Its historic and authentic feel is very well retained.

Most Chinese, like people from other countries, hearts a simple traditional view, that sincerely praying to their favorite gods will make their wishes come true and bring them good luck in return. Everyday countless local people as well as visitors from other places come to the Temple to offer incense, praying for good fortune to their gods. You may experience an enriched cultural and historic atmosphere here, and have a better glimpse the profound culture of Taoism.

Today the "Temple of the Town Gods" also refers to the surrounding traditional district of commerce, which hosts an array of shops, restaurants, teahouses, as well as annual temple fair events. Yuyuan Garden, another impressive landmark of Shanghai – a classic Chinese garden created in 16th century, is located just nearby.