Bike Riding through the Countryside

Of the many activities that Yangshuo has to offer, bike riding is one of the oldest and most favorite among visitors. Cycling around the Yangshuo region became popular in the 1980's and remains so to this day. There are bike rental stores and stalls all over the town. You can rent a bike for 5 to 50 yuan depending on your choice.

If you choose to take a bike ride you should plan your trip first. In the summer heat it can be very hot and strenuous for tourists. If going on the main roads there are lots of stalls selling drinks and snacks but if you are going off road you should remember to bring some supplies with you.

There is a large list of cycle routes to choose from and you could easily spend a few days cycling to see them all. The most popular and interesting route is to start from Yangshuo, passing through the Big Banyan Tree (a 1500-year-old giant banyan tree), the Moon Hill (380 meters high with a full moon shaped hole on the top), riding along the Yulong River banks to the Yulong Bridge, where you can do another cool activity – bamboo rafting.

There are a few other routes there to choose from. Fuli, Liugong, Xingping routes all have their own charms. Beautiful scenery, flowing rivers and local villages and food are just some of the things to enjoy. A day cycling to any of these places is well worth it.