Impression Liu Sanjie

Only 1km away and 10 minutes walk from the West Street in the center of Yangshuo Town is the stunning night show, Impression Liu Sanjie (Liu Sanjie as Third sister Liu), directed by the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou, the director of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. As an official of the World Tourism Organization puts it, "it is a show that can't be seen in the entire world."

The night show was premiered on 20 March 2004 at the Liu Sanjie Singing Fair. It utilizes 12 background hills and peaks and Li River water as a setting, constituting the world's largest natural live-action theater. Along with the stunning light, sound and haze effect, it is "a masterpiece created by both human and God". Looming peaks, reflective water shadows, misty drizzles, whispering bamboos, and enchanting moonlight, give a gluttonous feast upon your eyes and your heart.

The idea for the show originated from the film Liu Sanjie. This movie brought the Li River to the world for the first time. Liu Sanjie is a mythical fairy from Zhuang legend that is beautiful and has a wonderful voice. The show consists of 7 parts. They are made up of folk songs, minority dances and other wonderful acts performed for 60-70 minutes by around 600 performers who will keep you mesmerized.

The only downside to Impression Liu Sanjie is that it can be cancelled due to bad weather. Ticket prices vary from 188 to 680 yuan depending on the seat you want.