Silver Cave

Silver Cave (Yinzi Yan) is a Karst cave 18 km (11 miles) southeast from Yangshuo Town. It is the largest cave in Yangshuo County and even in the greater administrative areas of Guilin, running through 12 hills with a roundabout course of about 2,000 meters (1.3 miles). The cave got its name for it has stalactites developed in different geologic ages, which contain mineral crystals that are glistening and sparkling like millions of silvers and diamonds in the dark. All the stalactites in various dazzling shapes constitute dozens of gorgeous spots.

The cave is a three-storey-type Karst cave which is divided into the upper cave, the grand hall and the lower cave. The total sightseeing course extends about 2km, lasting 1 hour and a half.

Along the sightseeing course you will see stalactites in all kinds of amazing shapes. The most famous among all the spots in the cave include the "Three Uniques": "Musical Stone Screen", the "Deep Moon Palace", and the "Waterfall on the Snow Mountain"; and the "Three Treasures": "Buddha Expounding Classics", the "Solitary Pillar Propping up the Sky" and the "Pearl-decorated Umbrella". All the sights present an amazing masterpiece of nature, and win the cave the name – "the World's Karst Treasury".

Outside the cave is a peaceful picture of idyllic scenery. The whole scenic area abounds with emerald green: green hills, green trees, green water and green is given the title of "the typical representative of Guilin's Landscape". Countless tourists come here every year, just to take a breath of the fresh air and have a moment of peace.