West Street

The West Street (Xi Jie) is situated in the center of Yangshuo town. It is also a "Westerner Street" for it is always filled with foreign travelers from all around the globe. In was originally designed to be a street presenting the ancient local styles, while with foreigners' involvement of its construction and later with the Chinese businessmen packing into its development, it is getting much more commercialized by mixed elements. Throngs of domestic visitors crowding in the street are normal during Chinese holidays, so choosing a good timing to visit is important.

Having a leisurely stroll on this 517-meter long, 8-meter wide marble-paved street, you will find an abundance of bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, shops and hostels that are full of mixed appeal. All of them greet you in with their doors widely open, making you unable to resist. Travelers can have food and drinks from many western countries at very reasonable prices. Pubs and clubs start their competition for business as soon as the night falls. To perform attractive dancing shows and to offer discounted drinks are the usual way for them to drum up customers, with loud rhythmic music that may almost deafen you.

You can also stop now and then to buy some souvenirs in its diverse shops. There is a huge amount of touristy stuff for you to choose from: handicrafts such as Chinese scroll painting, fans and embroidered cloths; silk products such as ties, kimonos and dresses; and knickknacks like pottery, bronzes, bracelets... You name it, they have it. Most of the travelers will be overcharged if not knowing the real prices, so always remember to bargain wisely. But after all, buying some of the lovely stuff is still worth it.

Though it is a hotspot of Yangshuo, some voices claim that due to its overeager absorption of cosmopolitan styles, the West Street seemingly failed to preserve its original local flavor and is getting more commercialized and boisterous than it is expected to be.