Our Benefits:

Flexibility and choice of your desire

Private travel doesn't always mean the big budget. It is zero-group compromise, high flexibility and intimate local touch. Just inform us the need of your own, your family, or private party, we will tailor your dream trip and carry it out in the way that fits you best.

Our China location may offer you more

  • Based in China, we can comprehend our home and the people living in it.
  • Based in China, we can blend both the value and your interest to the tour service.
  • Based in China, we can dig, delve into and develop the fresh intriguing spots.
  • Based in China, we can supervise your every journey stage and offer the timely help.

Based on your requirement, we will realize your once-in-a-lifetime or repeat China travel by combining the best travel elements: Our hotels are competitive in location, comfort, safety and service to facilitate your strolling and shopping. Our local cuisine variety and the local quality restaurants licensed by the national government are constantly enriched to thrill your taste bud along your whole trip way. Our new travel vehicle with air-conditioner is at your proposal. Our guides, some of whom are local ethnic minority, explore you the deeper destination and unfold you an authentic China travel.