Our Service Commitment:

Around the clock service

We can in no way allow our guest wait too long as we know what the every waiting tick means.

We guarantee that we will respond your email in 24 hours. We guarantee that the cell phones of our travel advisor and guides are on call around the clock and ready at any time for your emergency enquiry.

Professional team

We are proud of our strictly trained team members, owe to whom China Private Travel can be fulfilled with such life and creativity. Each and every one of them is important and united firmly with the team work spirit. We are familiar with the local for the deep traveling. We love China and love our work for which serves as a bridge to share our affection about China with the like-minded guests.

Service quality

You can feel secured for: We have deposited RMB 1.5 million (about US $190,000) in an account with the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA, the top official government organization dealing with tourist complaints) as the quality guarantee for our services.

Genuine value for money

Besides loads of spots and fun in the trip, our package price has no hidden fees, no forced shopping and no tourist trap which are annoyingly common phenomena in any disguise in the China travel market. So without your consensus or request, we will never lead you to any extra tourist shop. If you want to bring back home some characteristic Chinese souvenirs, we would love to recommend you the traditional handicraft factory where you can hunt for your gifts and know about their birth process. Service at a competitive price sometimes embodies a company's competitive strength. But some companies offer the service at an unbelievable price to woo the customers, which actually is realized by sacrificing the comfort of your desire and service quality. It is the unwise practice and the very last way we consider! We are striving for bringing in the best in both quality and value to our guests' tour package to maintain our good reputation--built on 20 years of experience.