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Learn Chinese in China, Internships in Beijing. The Hutong School provides intensive Chinese language courses and Internship placements in Beijing, China. Accommodation and cultural activities are part of its programs.

Learn Chinese Online

eChineseLearning is the largest online Chinese school and provides one-on-one live online Chinese lessons using free video instant messaging software such as Skype. Learn Chinese online with best teachers in Beijing! Currently, we have served thousands of students from over 60 countries in the world from age 3 to 86.

Mandarin Tools

Online sources of learning and using Chinese are provided here.

English-Chinese Dictionary

Chinese-English dictionary, translation and practice tools are available here.

English-Chinese Online Dictionary

English-Chinese dictionary and Mandarin tools can be found here.

Mandarin-English Tools

Chinese-English dictionary tools and web translation tools are provided here.

Learn Chinese with Visualmandarin

Learn Chinese Online

How to learn Chinese online with an audio and video Chinese podcast. The best way to learn chinese is to listen to our Chinese podcast and study for the HSK test using our practice exams. Test your chinese pronunciation with our Chinese pronunciation tests.

Study Chinese in China

Miracle mandarin is the leading chinese mandarin language school in China with many campuses in Shanghai and Beijing. Miracle Mandarin also offers visa services and accommodations for their international students.

Learn Chinese in China

YourMandarin is Chongqing's first Chinese language institute. We are dedicated to deliver courses ranging from four main themes, namely, Conversational Mandarin, Business Mandarin, HSK preparation course and Chinese culture course.

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Chinesetime is the biggest online Chinese school in the world.