Beijing Tourist Bureau

It offers Beijing tour report, hotels, living, shopping and other tour service.

Xi'an Tourist Bureau

It offers Xi'an tour service about weather, accommodation, dinning, shopping, local snacks, attractions, etc.

Shanghai Tourist Bureau

General Shanghai tour information are available here, such as Shanghai traffic, cuisine, hotel, entertainment, shopping information.

Guilin Tourist Bureau

It offers Guilin information including Guilin introduction, customs and lifestyle and Guilin tour information.

Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau

Zhangjiajie's Homepage, the official website of Zhangjiajie

Tibet Tourism Bureau

General introduction of Tibet travel, tour route, applied info, travel documents and gallery and tourist regulations are available here.

Guangzhou Tourist Bureau

All information about Guangzhou tour is provided here such as Guangzhou culture, custom, shopping, attraction and Guangzhou cate.

Hainan Tourist Bureau

Official website of Hainan Tourist Bureau

Hong Kong Tourist Bureau

Travel and visitor information for Hong Kong, shopping, dining, things to do, etc.

Macau Tourist Bureau

Macau tour information, and some other travel information like Macau customs and events are offered here.