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Jiuzhaigou Travel FAQ & Tips


What is the best season to travel Jiuzhaigou?

Autumn (Sep-Oct) is always regarded as the best time to travel Jiuzhaigou for the colorful leaves and lakes. But please avoid the first week of October when the prices soar and the scenic area is packed with the tourists.

Following autumn, winter is also nice to tour for the beautiful snowy winter landscape and a quite reasonable price in this off season.


How can I get to Jiuzhaigou?

Flying is the first choise. More than 20 flights fly between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou in a day and the flight trip lasts about 40 minutes and charges about CNY1, 000.

How can we go to Jiuzhaigou Goukou from Jiuhuang Airport?

  • There are airport shuttle buses connecting Jiuzhaigou Goukou. The 1.5-hour bus ride charges around CNY45.
  • There are also the taxis for the airport transfer and it charges about CNY 200.

Are there any buses departing from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou?

There are early buses to Jiuzhaigou available in Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station before 8:00 am each day. You can also catch the bus at Chadianzi Bus Station before 10:00am. Bus fare ranges from CNY100 to 125 and the ride takes 9 hours or so.


Any suggestion for the accommodation in Jiuzhaigou?

Usually tourists lodge in hotel at Goukou where has gathered a lot of hotels from 5 star level to budget hostel pricing from more than CNY 1,000 to CNY 30 per night. There are also more choices for food and shopping on the street.

Tips for hotels at Goukou:

Due to the local limitation, the accommodation hot water service time is usually supplied 8pm-10pm and 6am - 8am. Please make clear your hotel water supply time to lessen the inconvenience.

In order to preserve the landscape, it is forbidden to lodge inside the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot. Any one caught breaking this rule by the scenic spot patroller will face a CNY 500 and drive-out. But it is allowed to take part in an eco-tourism group organized by the scenic spot to try the 2 to 3 days hiking and camping in Zharu Valley. Please see for more detail information by clicking


Is there any special activity to extend the Jiuzhaigou tour?

If you want some wild fun, the popular horse trek nearby Songpan Town may be your activity. Woods and mountains dot through the riding adventure journey. A reliable horse trek company is advised to arrange to ensure the service quality. (Shunjiang Horse Trek is among the reliable local agencies with its years experience in arranging this activity). The horse trek takes about CNY150 per day. Usually a guide, a horse, tents, beddings, Tibetan robe, raincoat and food, etc. are provided to you along the trek way.

Popular horse trekking lines:

  • Line 1: 2 to 3 days--Songpan Town, Erdao Lake, Muni Valley Tibetan village, Yaogou Mountain, Back to Songpan Town (松潘古城, 二道海, 牟尼沟藏族村寨, 窑沟山, 松潘古城)
  • Line 2: 3 to 5 days—Songpan Town, Shangnami, Xuebaoding, Shangnami, Zhongnami, Xianmi, Back to Songpan Town (上纳米, 上纳咪, 雪宝顶, 中纳米, 下纳米, 松潘古城)

Tips for the horse riding:

  • The food providing along the horse trek journey is light and simple like rice, potato, fried meat, tomato, eggs and some vegetable, etc. Bring your favor snacks if you can not get used to the horse trek foods.
  • Breathable underwear, sunglasses, sun creams, sun hat, and the like are advised items to adapt to the strong ultraviolet rays at high elevations while comfortable water-proof hiking shoes and trousers are recommended for the changeable weather during the tough but amazing trip.
  • Please do not run too fast or tease with your friends when riding the horse for abrupt slope and high altitude during the horse trekking.
  • Try to pack light and place them well when doing the horse trek.
  • Do not use flashlight when you take a photo of your horse to avoid startling it.


What kind of cuisine is no-miss in Jiuzhaigou?

There are three main kinds of cuisine in Jiuzhaigou. One is the Tibet cuisine consisting of smoked and roast meat as well as highland barley alcohol, tibet butter tea, acidophilus milk. Another one is the sour and hot dish of Qiang minority. The last one is Sichuan Cuisine of Han people.

Tibetan specialties roast whole lamb, Tibet butter tea, highland barley alcohol and various kinds of milk and dairy products, yak meat, braised male duck with Aweto are recommended.

If you are a fan of Sichuan dish or spicy taste, poached sliced yak beef in hot chili oil, double cooked pork slices, hot and sour rice noodles, etc. are recommended.


What are local specialties in Jiuzhaigou?

The most popular specialties here are Qiang embroidery, Tibetan handicrafts,Yak beef and Ox horn Comb. Bargain is accepted. But please avoid to buying the Tibetan knife for it is prohibited articles.

Do you have any suggestion for the Jiuzhaigou tour package preparation?

Special attention should be paid to adapt to this high altitude region:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive wine, etc. Have more vegetable and fruits,etc.
  • Please bring sun block, sunglasses, etc to protect from the strong sun rays.
  • The sickness-haunted is better to consult the doctor before you do the tour and bring some emergency medicines if need.


Are there any taboos we have to pay attention to in Jiuzhaigou?

Yes. Special notices as followings are advised to pay attention to when you visit a Tibet house:

  • Please consult and follow their customs if you are invited to have a drink with the local Tibetan.
  • Please go clockwise around the temple, Buddhism pagoda and the like when you pass by them.
  • Please don't step over any religious tool and brazier.
  • Please do not touch the Tibetan's head.