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Luoyang Travel FAQ & Tips


What is the best time to travel around Luoyang?

Autumn from September to October is regarded as the best travel time without the summer sweltering heat and rain, cold winter and dry windy spring. If you are a flower fan, April is also a nice visit time when the gorgeous peonies blossom and the grand peony festival yearly take places from 15th Apr. to 8th May.


How can I get to Luoyang?

By air

Luoyang airport, 10 km far from the downtown, has daily flights to Beijing and Shanghai and few weekly flights connecting with Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Bus No. 83 or a taxi ride at RMB 20 can reach the airport from downtown.

By train

Luoyang has three railway stations.

  • The main train transfer station named Luoyang Railway Station (洛阳火车站) on Daonan Xi Lu (道南西路), north of the city, can be easy reached by bus No. 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 48, 50, 51, 66, 81, 83, 102, and 103.
  • Luoyang East Railway Station (洛阳东站) located at the Datong Lu (大同路), can be reached by bus No. 5, 10 and 20.
  • Guanlin Railway Station (关林火车站) in Guanlin Town of Luodong district (洛东区关林镇) can be reached by bus No. 81 and 60.

By bus

  • Luoyang Bus Station (洛阳客运总站), 200 meter east of the Luoyang Railway Station, has frequent service to many cites in and outside Henan province. It also offers the tourist buses to Baiyun Mountain.
  • Jinyuan Bus Station (锦远汽车站) by the west of Luoyang Railway Station, has buses connecting with the nearby suburb area and some scenic spots like Shaolin Temple, Jiguan Cave, Chongdugou, etc.
  • Guanlin Bus Station (关林汽车站) in the north of Linghao Lu (零号路), has buses to the nearby city and some scenic spots like Xiaolangdi, Yuntaishan Mountain.

How do I get around Luoyang?

By taxi

Taxi flag down fare is RMB 6. The half an hour ride from downtown to Longmen Grottoes takes RMB 35-40.

By bus

The Luoyang buses to Luoyang attractions commonly charge RMB 1 to 1.5. Bus No. 56 from Luoyang Railway Station goes to White Horse Temple, No. 81 from Luoyang Railway Station to Longmen Grottoes and Baiyuan Park, No. 10, 101 to Wangcheng Park, No. 66 to the Peony Park, No. 83 to the Luoyang Folk Museum, etc.


What is the local cuisine and where can I hunt for it?

For the Luoyang dry and cold climate, the spicy soup frequent local dining lists and becomes the Luoyang cuisine special, like the local-favor Bufan Tang (不翻汤, sour and spicy soup with noodle, mung bean powder, Seaweed, etc.), Hula Tang (胡辣汤, spicy bone broth), Beef Soup (牛肉汤), etc. Shui Xi (水席) is considered as the unique meal package in Luoyang, which different flavors can be tasted in the dishes and soups.

Zhen Bu Tong Restaurant (洛阳真不同饭店, add: Zhongzhou Dong Lu 359) is the local old-brand one and nice for trying Shui Xi among which Peony Yan Cai, Fried Meatball and Soybean Noodle are the must-eat.


Where should I go for shopping?

Xinduhui (新都汇, add: the junction of Zhongzhou Zhong Lu and Jiefang Lu/中州中路与解放路交汇处) and Wangfujing (王府井百货, add: No. Zhongzhou Zhong Lu/中州中路188号), are main shopping area that satisfy modern needs in the supermarkets, department stores, bars, restaurants, etc.