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Pingyao Travel FAQ & Tips


What is the best time to tour around Pingyao?

September, October (except the first week of National Holiday) and November is usually regarded as the best time to tour Pingyao.


How can I go to Pingyao?

By Air

There is no airport in Pingyao and the nearest airport is in Taiyuan. You can fly to Taiyuan first and then transfer to the coach station (via bus No. 201 or 901 or taxi at 80 RMB) for a bus to Pingyao (25 RMB, 2hrs).

By Train

The railway station (Chinese: 平遥火车站), 5 min far from the Pingyao Ancient Town, has direct services with Beijing, Taiyuan, Xian, Shijiazhuang, etc.

By Bus

Since Taiyuan Long-haul Bus Station (Chinese: 太原长途汽车站) offers more routes with the big cities, you can transfer to Pingyao via Taiyuan. There are many buses frequently running between these two destinations (25 RMB, 2 hrs). Pingyao new bus station is a short walk from the North Gate of the town.


Do you have any food recommendation in Pingyao?

Noodles dominate the locals' main diet like noodles with gravy (Chinese: 打卤面), noodles with soybean paste (Chinese: 炸酱面), sliced noodle (Chinese: 刀削面) and the like.

The local snacks are Pingyao jerky (Chinese: 平遥牛肉), You Flour Kaolaolao (steamed Buckwheat, Chinese: 莜面烤佬佬, eat with the sauce dip), Slightly Fried Bun (Chinese: 水煎包).

All the Pingyao cuisine and snacks can be tasted on Ming and Qing Street of the ancient town.


What can I do to kill my spare time?

Modern popular entertainment like bar, cafe, night club, karaoke bustle the old town.

The activities with local flavor like Yangko (a popular rural folk dance), local singing with action, song-and-dance duet, etc. are available at the Pingyao Theater Hall.

There are also other tourist-oriented activities in the town spots like the welcome ceremony (out of the North Gate, at weekends), court trial in Xianya (daily), wedding ceremony (on South Street, at weekends), Rishengchang Exchange Shop (daily).

Tips: The ticket to ancient town is needed when you visit the town spot collection and the daytime performance at the Pingyao Theater Hall.


Is there any no-miss local festival or activity in Pingyao?

The best known one is Pingyao International Photography Festival around 16th-20th of September. On this festival event, many Chinese and foreign photographers bring their works to compete in the exhibition.

The most popular traditional festival is the Shehuo Festival that the locals celebrate for good harvest or grand events and pray for good fortune in the coming New Year during the Lantern Festival (late Feb. or early Mar.). Various traditional folk activities carry on like traditional Jin Opera, dragon and lion dance, waist drum, gong and drum competition, Yangko (a popular rural folk dance), etc.