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Huangshan Beihai Hotel

  • Hotel Name in Chinese: 黄山北海宾馆
  • Hotel Name in English: Huangshan Beihai Hotel
  • Hotel Class:
  • Location Rating:
  • Hotel Condition:
  • Tripadvisor Rating:
  • Address in Chinese: 安徽省黄山市黄山风景区北海景区
  • Address in English: Beihai Scenic Area, Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan 242709, China
  • Please note: Scores are grounded on a 1 (poor) to 5 star (excellent) rating system

Huangshan Beihai Hotel is a popular peak hotel for foreign travelers as it is conveniently located at Beihai Scenic Spot of Huangshan peak and a 20-minute walk to the sunrise viewing platform and 30-minute to Yungu cable car station.

The accommodations of different buildings differ in conditions. There are suites, standard rooms, adjoining rooms and dorm rooms, which are equipped with basic necessary facilities. Services like money exchange, a mobile phone charging lot, sunrise time forecast and warm jacket are available here.