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Huangshan Shilin Hotel

  • Hotel Name in Chinese: 黄山狮林大酒店
  • Hotel Name in English: Huangshan Shilin Hotel
  • Hotel Class:
  • Location Rating:
  • Hotel Condition:
  • Tripadvisor Rating:
  • Address in Chinese: 安徽省黄山市黄山风景区北海景区
  • Address in English: Beihai Scenic Area, Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan 242709, China
  • Please note: Scores are grounded on a 1 (poor) to 5 star (excellent) rating system

Huangshan Shilin Hotel stands at the foot of Lion Peak in Beihai Scenic Area. It is a several-minute walk from the sunrise viewing site--Qingliang Platform, 20-minute from the Yungu cable car station and some other mountain scenes.

As the first hotel in China with the theme of photographic culture, the hotel occasionally hosts photography-related events and exhibits a series of nice Huangshan photos in the public area. Expect limited amenities like restaurants, a sauna, salon, business center. The property has been renovated in 2012. The average-sized rooms offer basic facilities including a bathroom, flat TV, hair dryer, free internet access, etc. Quad rooms are available.