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10 Cute Giant Pandas will Star in Shanghai Expo

Published on January 10, 2010 by Irene

Shanghai warmly greeted the arrival of 10 special black-white visitors--four male and six female giant pandas in early January. During their one-year visit, these 10 panda cubs will first stay in the Shanghai Zoo till 30th of June before they will be carried to Shanghai Wildlife Park for 6-month stay. Their arrival provides a good chance for Expo visitors to view the 10 young pandas during the expo session.

All these ten pandas were born in Ya'an Bifengxia Base of Wolong China Giant Panda Research Center in 2008 after the disastrous Sichuan earthquake. Among the 10 pandas, male-female twins Ping Ping and An An were the first cubs born after the earthquake. Their names selected form the nationwide internet poll, meaning "peace" and "safe", have well expressed best wishes of all Chinese people.