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Beijing-Lhasa Rail Extends To Shenyang From 1st February

Published on February 1, 2016 by Barbara

Shenyang extension of Beijing-Lhasa rail operates from 1st February. As the train on this route adopts two train numbers in early operation, a stopover at Beijing West Railway Station is needed to change its number. Shenyang-Lhasa passengers need to separately buy tickets of Shenyang-Beijing section and Beijing-Lhasa section. The practice of number change and Beijing station transit is estimated to be ended after this April. By then, Shenyang passengers can just buy one train ticket to directly reach Lhasa.

According to its present schedule, train Z622 departs from Shenyang North Railway Station at 10:02, reaches Beijing West Railway Station at 18:50, and then train Z21 departs from Beijing West Railway Station at 20:10, and reaches Lhasa Railway Station at 13:55 on the third day.