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Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Tourist Route was Blueprinted

Published on January 6, 2010 by Irene

According to the relevant official plan, the Grand Canal tourist route will be initiated and become the 3rd grand tourism zone following the Great Wall and Silk Road. This plan states that each section will retain unique characteristic of its respective city or province under the guideline of inheritance, protection, sample, and innovation.

Tianjin had set a good example in this respect. It has well presented Tianjin folk art and Tianjin Folk customs in the Haihe River development project. And Tianjin also has set up a heritage protection team while initially confirmed and included the canal channels, Shancha River area, Yangliuqing area, Jiuxuan Floodgate in Jinghai, Kuang'ergang key project in Wuqing and Tianfei Palace ruins as the Grand Canal heritage of Tianjin.

The Grand Cannel is the longest ancient canal in the world with the whole length of 1,794km, 10 times longer than the Suez Canal. Once the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal was reconnected, tourists can have a chance to tour the whole Grand Canal from Beijing to Tianjin or follow Marco Polo's past route to sample the unique Grand Canal civilization of 2,500 years.