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Dragon Boat Festival Has Made Sanya A Hotter Destination

Published on June 25, 2009 by Irene

Sanya's relaxing beach

The Dragon Boat Festival tourism has really surprised people with its overwhelming popularity. With its ecological and healthy island , Sanya in Hainan has become the most popular destination among all the China cities during this swine flu period. The hotel reservation rate in Sanya averagely rose over 80%, ranking first among the China hotels and being followed respectively by Beijing, Xiamen and Guilin.

"Compared with May Holiday, the Sanya tour package price has become cheaper by 10%-30% in Dragon Boat Festival. This is one main reason contributing to the popularity of Dragon Boat Festival tour this year. Distant from the golden week of the National Day, people seized the 3-day short break of Dragon Boat Festival to do the travel. This is another reason, I think, that led to this hot tour in Sanya" said the chief of Sanya Tourism Association.