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Hangzhou East Railway Station to Open on 1st July

Published on June 20, 2013 by Barbara

Waiting Hall of Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou east railway station will open on 1st July when Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo High-speed train line goes into operation. By then, this new Hangzhou station will become one of the biggest transport hubs in Asia.

From Hangzhou east railway station, the high-speed train passengers can reach Ningbo in 1.5 hours, Wenzhou in less than 3.5 hours, Beijing in 5 hours, Zhengzhou in less than 7 hours, Changsha in about 8 hours.

The east station doesn't dominate all the high-speed train service as most high-speed trains to Shanghai still depart from Hangzhou railway station.

After the Hangzhou east railway station starts the service, it may receive the trains from Hangzhou south railway station as the south station will be closed for extension.