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High-speed Train Shenzhen-Guilin Opens 26th December

Published on December 26, 2014 by Barbara

High-speed train now connects Shenzhen and Guilin thanks to the opening of Guangzhou-Guiyang high-speed railway on 26th December 2014.

Guangzhou-Guiyang high-speed rail passes through popular tourist destinations of Southwest China like Guilin, Yangshuo (station is still under construction), Sanjiang and Congjiang. Therefore visitors entering from Hong Kong and Shenzhen can easily transfer in hours to enjoy the karst landscape of Guilin and the ethnic minority culture by Sanjiang and Zhaoxing.

Below is the information of popular travel routes on this railway:

Shenzhen North-Guilin North, 3.5 hours, RMB212 for second class.
Guilin North-Sanjiang South, 30 minutes, RMB28.5 for second class.
Guilin North-Congjiang, 50 minutes, RMB44.5 for second class (Congjiang station is located at Luoxiang town, 7km to Zhaoxing).
Guangzhou South-Guilin North, 2.5-3 hours, RMB137.5 for second class.
Guangzhou South-Sanjiang South, 3.5 hours, RMB166.5 for second class.
Guangzhou South-Congjiang, about 4 hours, RMB182.5 for second class.