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Shanghai Hotel Price Reasonably Rise during the Expo

Published on Mar 2, 2010 by Lori

70 million visitors are expected to visit Shanghai World Expo and definitely commercially benefit nearby Shanghai hotels. But in order to avoid the embarrassment of the unsatisfied accommodation occupancy caused by the skyrocketing price during Beijing Olympic Game, most Shanghai hotels will try to raise the lodge fee reasonably by 10% -30% during the Shanghai Expo. And yet the hot areas around the expo face relatively higher increase: Hotels in the Expo Site circle will climb by at least 30% and hotels easily accessible to Expo Site rise by around 20%, March is expected to be the room reservation peak time stated by the World Expo Hotel Reservation Center. The Shanghai hotels that have contract with reservation center will offer far cheaper price than those during the Beijing Olympic Games: average price of 5 star hotels comes to CNY1, 252, 4 star hotels comes to CNY698, 3 star hotels comes to CNY426 and the economical chain hotels goes to CNY276.