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Rude Tourists Behaviors In Sichuan Earthquake Area

Published on April 27, 2009 by Irene

The Monument of 5.12 Wenchuan quake

The anniversary of the heart-wrenching 5.12 Sichuan earthquake is nearing. Recently, flocks of tourists have swarmed into disaster area for traveling and more tourists will go there as the coming of the May holiday. But some inappropriate behaviors of the tourists like the loud talking, disrespectful remarks and the like has aroused the disgust of local people.

Reported by the Hong Kong "Wenhui Newspaper", the "Four Sides Bell Tower" in Hanwang Square of Mianzhu County, Sichuan is fixed at 14:28, May 12, 2008. It has been listed as earthquake site park for its comparatively well preserved area. It has attracted many tourists and yet some of them have behaved in unseemly manners and stirred the anger of the local people. A female tourist wearing sunglasses talked to her friends excitedly: "Wow, it is even crueler than that on TV, take a picture for me."

Psychologist admonished tourists to avoid hurting the local sufferers for the second time; the sadness that has accumulated for near one year would make the victims enter emotional crisis outbreak period. Many people on the net also criticized the rude tourists, "Can they still feel so excited after they lost their family members and relatives as well as friends in the earthquake?"