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Golden Time for Kanas Tour

Published on August 16, 2009 by Irene

Villages at Kanas Lake

Still thinking of a place to beat the summer heat? If you are looking for a place with fresh air, quite cool weather, the mysterious lake scenery, a pure untouched land, the Kanas in Xinjiang Autonomous Region would be a cool getaway.

Kanas, embraces countless magnificent scenery: the clear-cut shape of the mountains against the blue sky, the color-changing lake water in different times of a day, wonders of cloud sea and virginia bright leaf after the July and August raining, and the various flowers scattering between the lake and the forest, and etc. would make one fell in love with this mysterious paradise once they set their foot on it.

Effected by the "July 5 Riot", Kanas tourism had declined greatly. But as the situation went quite safe around Xinjiang area, flocks of tourists from home and abroad can't help entering this summer resort to shelter from tiredness and heat with the local picturesque scenery and the local hospitality. Up to July 24, more than 2,000 tourists had visited Kanas scenic area and it's expected to be the same level compared with the corresponding period of last year.