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Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum Is Due To Open At This Year End

Published on September 22, 2009 by Irene

Nanhai NO. 1 in the maritime silk museum

Nanhai NO. 1, 30.4m in length, 9.8m in width, is the biggest, best preserved and earliest ocean merchant marine discovered in the world. This ship of South Song Dynasty (1127-1279), carries generous cultural relics, covering 60,000 to 80,000 gold, silver, iron, porcelain and other ware pieces. Some of the 6,000 excavated relics are now displayed in the "Crystal Palace" exhibition hall of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum, Yangjiang, Guangdong province.

The first test dig initiated from August 18 and finished on September 27 uncovering over 200 porcelain pieces from folk kilns in Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province and Dehua of Fujian province. The next excavation won't launch in the coming one or two years until a set of scientific refined plan is available after the throughout research of the relics from the first test dig.

According to the Guangdong Cultural Relic Bureau, the Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum might officially reveal its veil at the end of this year. Tourists can observe the further underwater excavation progress of Nanhai NO.1 by standing on the right top position.