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Lufthansa Launched Mobile Boarding Pass Service

Published on April 8, 2009 by Irene

Mobile boarding

German airline company--Lufthansa became the pioneer to offer the inter-continental passenger the option of receiving a mobile boarding pass with a 2-D barcode on their mobile phone, marked by the long-haul route from Frankfurt to Vancouver on April 7, 2009. The 2-D barcode electronic boarding pass, replacing the printed paper document, can be received by the internet-accessible mobile phone. The service will be expanded to more long-distance flights in weeks.

The electronic boarding pass, besides some relevant flight data like passengers' name, flight number and departure time, includes a 2-D barcode with which passengers can pass through the security checkpoints, directly approach their departure gate where the card will be read by a scanner, and then board the airplane without a printed boarding pass. Lufthansa passengers can use an Internet-accessible hand device to board to apply for a mobile boarding pass or just check in online.

A relevant staff in Lufthansa say, "Actually, all domestic airlines and many European airlines have already initiated this service about a year ago, and more than 75,000 passengers apply for this service each month."