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Mt. Kailash Visit Restriction from 20th May to 10th August

Published on May 23, 2014 by Barbara

2014 is the year of horse in Tibetan calendar and also the year for Kora in Tibet area. Mt. Kailash is one main place around which the pilgrims make the Kora. Considering many factors like limited accommodation condition at Darchen (the starting and key point for Kora), from 20th May to 10th August, Mt. Kailash in Ngari area implements visit restriction by stopping issuing Tibet entry permit to Mt. Kailash area to regular foreign tourists (except for the pilgrims from India). Hong Kong and Macao tourists are required to arrange their visit through officially designated travel agencies.

Since mid-May, foreign passengers are required to present their original passport and the original Tibet entry permit together when boarding the train to Lhasa in Chengdu, according to the new policy. No news shows how long this practice will last.

On the other hand, Tibet is scheduled to scrap all commercial vehicles older than 15 years by the end of October. Toyota 4500 is the dominant vehicle type in Tibet and most of them have already run over 15 years. So this scrap measure may result in increased vehicle fee next year before enough new vehicles fill the market.