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New China High-Speed Train Chart to Lower Speed and Fare

Published on August 16, 2011 by Lori

Ministry of Railway is drawing up a new High-Speed train chart to adjust the speed and fare of the high-speed trains. The new run chart will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase is that train lines of Beijing-Tianjin, Hainan East Central, Guangzhou-Zhuhai operate according to the new run chart from 16th, August. The adjusted train tickets were sold in advance from 12th, August.

The second phase is that train lines of three different speeds will be lowered the speed from 28th, August: the lines of original 350 km/h will be decelerated to 250 km/h like Beijing-Tianjin and Shanghai-Hangzhou, the lines of 250 km/h will be slowed down to 200 km/h like Hefei-Nanjing, Haikou-Sanya and the freight-passenger lines of 200 km/h will be lowered to 160 km/h like Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai-Kunming. The adjusted train tickets will be sold in advance from 24th, August and will be 5% off of its original fare.