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All Tourist Spots in Urumqi have Reopened on July 22

Published on July 28, 2009 by Irene

A glimpse of the bazaar in Urumqi

According to China National Tourism Administration, all tourist attractions in Urumqi have resumed the business, marked by the reopening of the International Bazaar on July 22, 2009.

During the July 5 Riot, the International Bazaar and the Xinjiang Office of Eighth Route Army in Urumqi were attacked by thugs. The riot has caused over ten million CNY of loss to the International Bazaar. "About 80% of our staffs here are the minority. And we have been enhancing the nation unity publicity since the business suspension. The tourists can feel the harmony here and visit here at ease." said the general manager of International Bazaar.

Many tourists among who were from France and Hong Kong have come to visit the International Bazaar. "For the July 5 Riot we had worried for the trip. But our worry disappeared after touring the Tianchi Lake, the Turfan Basin and Kashgar of Uygur Autonomous Region because we feel safe to tour here and people are nice." said a French visitor. Besides the International Bazaar, many tourists also paid a visit to the Xinjiang Office of Eighth Route Army.