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Scenic Spots in China Raise Ticket Price Again

Published on April 8, 2013 by Lori

This year sees another price increase for many scenic spots in China. Several noted attractions have started to apply increased ticket price. The entrance ticket to Slender West Lake (Yangzhou) charges RMB 150, increasing by RMB 30. Wuyuan Scenic Area applies RMB 210 from RMB 180, Mt. Emei comes to RMB 185 from RMB 150, Huanglong Cave and Baofeng Lake scenic area (Zhangjiajie) reach RMB 100 and RMB 96, both with an increase of RMB 20. Dehang scenic area (Zhangjiajie) climbs to RMB 100 from RMB 60. The original free–admission Phoenix Old Town has started to require the entrance ticket at RMB 148 from 10th April.