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Flexible Check-in of Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel

Published on July 12, 2009 by Irene

The Marco Polo Shenzhen

Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel broke the 12 o'clock check-out rules by putting 24-hour check-in into practice in July, 2009. The guest can enjoy this convenience in the total 390 rooms of the hotel.

According to the hotel practice and international convention, guests need to check out by 12 a.m. in spite of their previous day's check-in time. If they did not check out by 2 p.m., they would be charged another half day's room fee. Or they would be charged even another whole day's room fee if they checked out after 6 p.m. whenever they checked in. Guests usually checked in the afternoon and that meant they had to pay one and half day's room charge if they wanted to stay at the hotel for a whole day. And it was unacceptable for some guests.