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Taiyuan-Xian High-speed Railway to Open in July

Published on April 29, 2014 by Barbara

Taiyuan-Xian high-speed railway is expected to open in July. The operation of this line will shorten the transfer between Taiyuan and Xian from 10 hours into 2.5 hours. Connected with another existing high speed railway Beijing-Taiyuan, it's expected that passengers can reach Pingyao within 4 hours from Beijing.

This 565-km line will cover 17 stops, including Taiyuan South, Jinzhong, Taigu West, Qixian East, Pingyao East, Jiexiu East, Lingshi East, Huozhou East, Hongdong West, Linfen West, Xiangfen West, Houma West, Wenxi West, Yuncheng North, Yongji North, Dali, Weinan North and Xian North.