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New Excavation Of Terracotta Warriors Opens Arms To The Public

Published on June 18, 2009 by Lori

A close up of uncovering warriors

The first pit of the Terracotta Warriors has been undergoing new excavation from 13th June 2009. This excavation may also shed light on long-searching questions. Are there any strategic leaders for the long known warrior army? Are there any foreign warriors from the constant alien exchange for the Silk Road? Are there more green-faced warriors that cast sharp difference to the most flesh-colored soldiers? All the answers are buried beyond the warrior pieces. Due to the vast digging area and deep earth, the whole excavation would last for a whole year and special care has to been given to uncovering the buried pieces. Different from the past, the new digging would be opened to the visitors to further know about how the terracotta pieces are gathered up, patched up and rise as vivid soldiers.