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More Countries of Visa-free Landing for Touring Hainan Island

Published on Feb 2, 2010 by Lori

Another 5 countries have joint in the original 21 visa-free landing Hainan Island countries. The new members are Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Tourist group (at least 5 people) from these 26 countries entitles a 15-day touring Hainan without applying a visa according to the visa-free policy. The originally visa-free countries of Russia, Korea, and Germany can extend their visa-free stay in Hainan to 21 days and the tourist group member numbers are also scaled down to 2 people.

This new policy was made to bring much convenience to the tourists and further support Hainan to become an international tourist island.

The 26 countries below are the nations that enjoy the visa-free landing policy:
U.S.A, Canada, Australia, U.K, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Philippines, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.