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Sightseeing Waterbus to Operate along Suzhou River before the Expo

Published on Apr 13, 2010 by Lori

Visitors can try the sightseeing waterbus along the Suzhou River to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Shanghai city including some reserved apartments, lanes and alleys, schools, warehouses as well as the long history of Suzhou River. Three lines of sightseeing waterbuses are provided for visitors. Line 1 starts its way from Moganshan Wharf and finishes in Changfeng eco business zone wharf which is about 10 km and lasts for 2 hours. Line 2 sets off from Moganshan Wharf and reaches Garden Bridge of Shanghai after 1 hour boat trip. Line 3 just connects the Line 2 to the Changfeng eco business wharf from Garden Bridge. Ticket fare for the line 1 is around CNY 70, line 2 and line 3 is around CNY 45.

The one-way Suzhou River sightseeing waterbus can offer visitors flexible touring ways like non-stop waterbus sightseeing, commixed sightseeing of waterbus and landing tour, etc.