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Xi'an Great Tang Ever-bright City Will Open On September 28

Published on September 26, 2009 by Irene

Xi'an Great Tang Ever-bright City

Xi'an Great Tang Ever-bright City, the most fantastic Grand Tang Street in Asia, embraces the Xi'an Concert Hall, Qujiang Art Gallery, Qujiang Film City, the brilliant Great Tang Sculpture Pedestrian Street and some big urban business complexes. It will reveal its mysterious veil to the world on September 28. Covering 650,000㎡, this ever bright city consists of 6 streets in Tang dynasty style, a grand sightseeing avenue, 3 culture theme squares, 4 cultural and art venues and 8 programs of culture tourism and trade. Visitors can appreciate the sculptures in squares of Tang style like Zhenguan square and Kaiyuan square, absorb the art in the grand public cultural venues like the Xi'an Concert Hall and Xi'an Grand Theatre and sightsee around Great Tang Ever-bright City via the large-scale travel transportation like light rail or just roam the pedestrian street at leisure.