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Beijing Travel Agencies Has Resumed The Xinjiang Tour

Published on August 9, 2009 by Irene

Domestic toursits heading for Xinjiang

Many tourists have canceled the Xinjiang tour plan after the out break of the "July 5 Riot". Thus many Beijing travel agencies also temporarily stopped the Xinjiang tour. But as Xinjiang has been regaining stability, travel agencies in Beijing have resumed the route and the price remains the same compared to that of the same period of last year. For example, the quotation at present for a Xinjiang 7-day's tour with round-trip flight is 3,960 CNY, which remains the same as that at last year.

The Xinjiang Tourism Administration will apply some incentive measures to encouraging the travel agencies in or out of Xinjiang to bring tourists to visit Xinjiang. Like the agencies could get 10CNY bonus for bring in each tourist in the tour groups each day. The total incentive fund is estimate to be 5 million CNY. The encouragement measures will last until August 31, 2009. All National A Grade Tourist Spots in Xinjiang offer the ticket at 50% discount for the tourists until the end of August.