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Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise Set Its First Sail from Chongqing

Published on May 23, 2011 by Lori

Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise that boasts the most luxury Yangtze ship launched its first journey from Chongqing on 22nd, May. The 6-floor giant cruise, 136 meter in length and 19.6 meter in width, besides the usual 5 star facilities, distinguishes itself with the helipad, open-air surfing swimming pool, sightseeing balcony in each cabin, 4 sightseeing elevators as well as the excellent noise abatement and damping system.

Despite the high charge from RMB 3,000/person or USD 465 (standard cabin) to RMB 36,000/person or USD 5,580 (president suite), the ship still has won great favor from the tourists of North America and Europe.