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Your opinion is vital for us to improve our service and further to offer you an excellent China trip. Now, your golden ideas are needed and they may earn you a coupon. Join us for your chance to win a prize!

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Leave a green world

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Word of Mouth

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To the referrer:

5% credit will be saved for your future China travel for every order you recommend to us which only needs to amount to $3000. Your credit is in direct proportion with your number of recommendations. 10% is the maximum amount of incentive available. If you are popular and your credit mounts over 10%, the extra amount will be saved for your next trip with us.

To the newly referred:

Newly referred traveler can also share the benefit-a 2% discount for his/her trip by giving the referrer's name and customer number. Discount transfer is also available if the referrer entitles the new traveler to use his extra discount. 5% is the maximum, but at the same time, the 2% discount of the referred won't be available any more.

Please Note: China Private Travel reserves the final right of interpretation for this credit policy.