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Guilin, is small in size and yet full of picturesque natural scenes, most of which are harbored in Yangshuo county. The spectacular karst peaks and winding Li River lure you to slow down your travel pace and melt into the natural beauties.

Guilin map

There is a famous saying, "East or west, Guilin scenery is the best." Guilin, a picturesque historic and cultural city located in southern China, is famous mostly for its beautiful landscape representing the distinctive Karst mountain formation. It is the home of more than 10 ethnic minorities. Colorful folk cultures are scattered on this majestic land. From the limpid Li River up to the wondrous Dragon's Backbone rice terraces and everything in between, Guilin will keep you busy all the time with things to do and places to see.

"Green hills, clear rivers, eerie caves, and delicate rocks" are the features that distinguish the landscape of Guilin from those of others. The most classical attractions in Guilin city, including "three hills (Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill), two caves (Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Cave) and one river (Li River), are all must-go places for visitors. Li River, in particular, is Guilin locals' most beloved river for it gathers the essence of Guilin's landscape. Flowing on the Li River down to Yangshuo, the climax of the journey will be gradually unfolded before you.

Guilin is also a cultural city with a long history. Ever since Song Dynasty (960-1234 AC) to 1949, it had been the center of economy, politics and culture in southwest China. Throughout history, lots of scholars and literati were attracted by this place, leaving a number of precious poems, essays and stone inscriptions here. Some museums and historical sites here are quite worth seeing.

After visiting around Guilin, you can take a rest and start to taste the mouthwatering delicacies served in numerous restaurants and eateries. Guilin cuisine is renowned for its delicate flavors combing the features of the light Guangdong cuisine and the sour-spicy Sichuan cuisine. Guilin rice noodle is the most famous one, and its recipes vary from chef to chef. Others like rice noodle with horse meat, braised pork with Lipu taro, Yangshuo beer fish, old duck stewed with gingko... will make you feel reluctant to leave!

With some high-level hotels established in Guilin, such as Shangari-la Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Guilin Waterfall Hotel, etc., Guilin has a better capability to cater to more tourists from everywhere. The development of its public service and urban environment is gradually making it a desirable city for habitation and business establishment for people from home and abroad.

  • Air quality: ★★★★★
  • Foreigner-friendly degree: ★★★★
  • Public security degree: ★★★★★
  • Hygienic degree: ★★★★
  • Traffic jam degree: ★★☆☆☆
  • Internationalization level: ★★★☆☆
  • Consumption level: ★★★☆☆
  • Language: Mandarin, Gui-Liu Pian
  • Best traveling season: Apr. to Oct.
  • Tourist resources: landscape
  • Airport to Downtown: 28 km
  • Demographics: Han (86%), Zhuang (10%), Yao (2%)
  • Key words: rainy, karst cave, multi-ethnic, scenic, balmy, rice noodle, art crafts, pearl, fruits, terraced field.

Local Delicacies: Guilin Horse Meat Rice Noodles (Marou Mifen 桂林马肉米粉), Duck Soup with Gingko (Baiguo Dun Laoya 白果炖老鸭), Lipu Taro with Braised Pork (Lipuyu Kourou 荔浦芋扣肉), Water Chestnut Fried with Chicken Ball (Mati Chao Jiqiu 马蹄炒鸡球), Nun Vegetarian Noodles (Nigu Sumian 尼姑素面), Lingchuan Dog Meat (Lingchuan Gourou 灵川狗肉), Yangshuo Beer Fish (Yangshuo Pijiu Yu 阳朔啤酒鱼), Guilin Pickled Vegetable (Guilin Suan 桂林酸), Gongcheng Oil-tea Camellia (Gongcheng Youcha 恭城油茶).

Local Specialities: Guilin Preserved Bean Curd (Doufuru 豆腐乳), Guilin Chili Sauce (Lajiaojiang 桂林辣椒酱), Three Flower Rice Liquor (Sanhuajiu 桂林三花酒), Chinese Grapefruit (Shatianyou 沙田柚), Corsvenor Momordica Fruit (Luohanguo 罗汉果), Gingko (Baiguo 白果), Lipu Taro (Lipu Yu 荔浦芋), Guilin Zhuang Brocade (Guilin Zhuangjin 桂林壮锦), Glossy Ganoderma (Lingzhi 灵芝), Jade (Yushi 玉石), South China Sea Pearl (Nanhai Zhenzhu 南海珍珠), Herbal Pudding Guilinggao (Guilingao 龟苓膏).

    Useful lines:

  • 桂林旅游信息服务中心 Guilin Tourist Information Center
  • 0773-2800318
  • 桂林旅游投诉 Guilin Tourism Complaints
  • 0773-2800315